INEC Recruitment 2021

INEC Recruitment 2021 Application Portal & Guideline For Application – The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), is an electoral body, founded by the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, established to oversee the elections to the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Nigeria. INEC functions include (but are not limited to); – Visit or to register now!

Organize and oversee all elections for the following positions: President and Vice-President, Governor and Governor of a state, and members of the Senate, House of Representatives and House Assembly of each State.

Register politicians and monitor the organization and functioning of political parties, including their finances; conventions, congresses and pre-elections of parties.

To organize and run a register of persons entitled to vote and to prepare, update and revise the electoral list for the purposes of any election under this Constitution;

Conduct civic and electoral education by promoting knowledge of healthy democratic electoral processes.

The primary mission of the INEC is to serve as an independent and effective election management body, determined to organize free, fair and credible elections for sustainable democracy in Nigeria; with the vision of being one of the best electoral management bodies in the world that meets the aspirations of the Nigerian people.

INEC recruits staff every year from vacant posts and during the process indicates the different requirements that applicants must have. We will outline these requirements in this article, and the availability of the form and where you can get it will also be indicated. Please note that employment guidelines, qualifications, requirements and other relevant updates will be provided free of charge here.

Recently, many requests from people have emerged on our various social platforms regarding the availability of the INEC job form. The questions we receive are listed below, and we will answer them accurately through this article. You can also check for clarity one question at a time.

Candidates interested in INEC Recruitment 2021 have gone through various portals.

In this article, you will understand a detailed guide on how to apply for INEC Recruitment 2020/2021. Stay focused, and read carefully.

I think you are visiting this page because you are looking for information on how to complete the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) application form for 2021. This site will provide you with information on how to apply for the job of the Independent National Election Commission for 2021, the nomination form, requirements, qualifications, guidelines, portal and free updates.

INEC recruitment news updates [year]

The Employment and Selection Commission has not yet announced the 2021 employment date. We look forward to receiving an official announcement from the INEC employment agency.

Therefore, you should ignore any alleged date of employment from any website at this time.

We assure you that the registration date for INEC will be announced soon.

Therefore, keep checking this page to see if we will update whenever the competent authority publishes the date of the INEC 2020/2021 application form.

INEC registration conditions

On this blog, we will walk you through the INEC portal registration process and highlight the requirements you are likely to meet.

Here are the general conditions of application to INEC for applications:

  • It would be best if you were Nigerian
  • You must be over 18 years old.
  • Must at least have a minimum high school diploma that includes any of these; WAEC, NECO or NABTEB result. All of the above is a bonus.
  • It would be beneficial if you also had a valid means of identification.
  • Computer skills will be an added advantage.
  • Understanding as many local languages as possible will be a bonus.
  • Submit a certificate of origin signed by the president! Secretary of your local government.
  • The liaison officer’s certificate of approval is not accepted;
  • Be certified by an official as being physically and mentally fit for appointment to the Commission;
  • Your affiliation with any political party must remain your personal decision and your public neutrality in order to be able to do your work without prejudice!

INEC application portal [year] and registration form

IMPORTANT! Currently, the INEC application form has not yet been posted online at, cancel any ad/post you find. Please regard that this page will be updated as soon as the form is officially available.

We will provide full details of the Independent National Election Commission job application and its official application portal when released by the Federal Government of Nigeria. So for now, we are still waiting.

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How to apply and complete the INEC 2021 application

The type of application form you fill out will largely depend on the job you are applying for. However, the general movements of the application are the same:

The INEC Employment Agency portal states that registration is a mandatory administrative procedure that must be completed by every Nigerian citizen.

  • Connect to the official INEC portal –
  • Provide official names, date of birth, active email address and mobile phone number
  • The candidate must keep the same information throughout the INEC application and application process.
  • A page will open asking the candidate to CREATE AN ACCOUNT or SIGN IN. Click on CREATE AN ACCOUNT; a fresh page will open asking you to answer a few questions leading to the creation of an account.

Registration deadline for INEC / Closing date

The deadline/closing date of the Independent National Electoral Commission will be announced at the start of the job application, so there is currently no deadline for the employment of the BOF.

The Independent National Electoral Commission did not announce the recruitment dates. When hiring, the government agency publishes the exercise in influential newspapers, newspapers, television and also shares the same information on the official employment portal and social media accounts/sites.

Stages of the INEC 2021 recruitment process

  • After applying online, applicants who meet the initial requirements will be shortlisted and invited to centres of their choice for further processing. For more details, visit

INEC 2021 Screening and Test

Shortlisted candidates will be reached out to via email for selection and examination at the selection centre selected during the online application. For more details, visit

INEC Recruitment 2021 training

Only candidates who have passed the elective exam will be invited to the training if necessary.

Things to keep in mind

  • INEC application forms are not for sale.
  • The official portal is
  • The filling out of the employment form is only done via the Internet.
  • The Independent National Electoral Commission did not hire any intermediaries to recruit on its behalf.
  • Read the guidelines in full and carefully before completing the INEC application form.
  • Do not submit more than one request; you will be disqualified if you do
  • Only shortlisted candidates will be summoned to continue the work.

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